Divorce Ministry

Catholic Divorce Ministry

Sessions are forming now in Sedalia for the next gathering of persons who are separated or divorced and seek spiritual guidance and healing. Our previous attendees have ranged from recently separated to divorced for over 25 years. We can help you to heal through your faith journey. Quotations from previous attendees include “Prior to CDM, I was very agitated and confused with myself and my place within the Church. My journey through CDM has brought a calmness and peacefulness to me. It has been an extraordinary faith journey.” “Thank you for helping me to heal and strengthen my faith and my total self after so many years of doubt.” ”I am in a much better place after going through the CDM program, thank you.”

Separate sessions for men and for women. Join us and let your faith heal the wounds and hurt that separation brings. Remember Christ loves you as do we. Call Deacon Turf Martin at 660.827.0151 for more information or to sign up.